Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cards for Soldiers

RAK ALERT @ CCAL for Cards for Soldiers
As some of you may know who already participate in Cards for Soldiers, October is our big push in Cards for Soldiers thread for Christmas cards. Last year we were able to ship 20,000 cards to our soldiers to be able to ship home to their families and friends during holidays. Our goal is to exceed last year’s totals & I am working on recruiting as many card makers as possible.

I am the shipper for the Central time zone & have already had several requests from my units for Christmas cards as being deployed during holidays with be tough on all of them. Dicegrrl & I have decided that our goal for Central time zone is to not only be able to ship enough cards for soldiers to send home but we would also like to be able to ship a Christmas card to all soldiers deployed in our units. We know this is a huge undertaking & are up for the challenge and were hoping some our fellow MB members might be able to help us out.

So CCAL campers are any of you up for the challenge? Anyone who donates who receive a RAK from me, yes that’s right for donating at least one card with envie you will receive a little surprise. Cards can be handmade or store bought. Not only are Christmas cards needed, but I will also take any general occasion cards if you prefer to make those (i.e. birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, etc.). I know we all have extra cards from years past or swaps we were in so let’s donate those to a good cause!

If you are not a card maker, but would like to make a donation for shipping expenses those will be appreciated and you will also receive a RAK! Some of RAKS for your donation may be skittles, buttons, brads, TLC page kits, ribbon, stamps, stickles, alterable or altered items, chipboard, flowers, and list goes on!
Now for those of you that like to work in larger numbers of cards I will have some more RAK chances, the more you donate the bigger the RAK so stay tuned for Update to come in next couple days ( I know one item to be RAK’ed will be a NEW Solutions Baseball Cart).

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