Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wow long time no blog!!!

Wow what a whirlwind December was for our family. As many of you know, I am a shipper for central time Cards for Soldiers project so I was very busy leading up to December and was able to ship out 20+ flat rate boxes to our troops. How rewarding this was, but I can tell you I am ready to make something other than Christmas cards which I have been making since July. I am very proud to say my gal pal, Sue and I made 2000 cards for our troops and have decided to make Christmas cards all year long to meet our goal.

Also we lost a very special person in our family unexpectedly right before the holiday, hubby's grandma Carolyn. She had been sick on and off for several years and had been in hospital since Thanksgiving. She was so tired of fighting the good fight and decided it was her time to go and went peacefully with all her chidren present-just the way she wanted it. Well our family took this really hard because hubs was the 1st grandson and my oldest is the 1st grandson, so they were very close to her. She was more of a grandma to my kids than a great-grandma and visited about every 6 weeks although living in Nebraska. Now we all have an Angel looking over us!

So now that things have somewhat settled back into normal as you would say, we are gearing up for 2010 and what it has to bring to us. Although our calendar is filling up fast already between basketball and baseball for both boys!

Happy New Year to you all and be safe!


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