Friday, February 13, 2009

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #27

I am very excited to be a part of a new online community of wonderful ladies called the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #27. You can get more details on how you can join the group or new groups that are forming here. Waht is the sisterhood you ask? This comes from Alana:

Our mission is to create a sisterhood where we can share our triumphs and craft disasters. Somewhere we can go to get inspired by a friend. Somewhere we can go to unwind and get to know each other better. Many of us don't have friends or family close by that love to stamp, and we're looking to share our creations with someone who will appreciate them. We want to feel a little less alone and anonymous in the grand world of stamping.

A little blurb about me: I am a happily married mother of 2 wonderful, crazy boys. Oldest son is soon to be 13 and lil' guy is 4. We live in a small town about 30 miles north of Kansas City, MO. I work as an office assistant with my parents in real estates for ReMax Innovations.

We are a very busy, baseball family. DH coaches oldest son's team, so as I tell everyone "I am the brains behind that operation and he just looks pretty"-LOL!!! Little man is starting his 2nd season of t-ball and yes he is a ball player, following in footsteps of Big Bro! I am the team mom for his new team too!

Some crazy everyday facts about me:
1. I am a leftie (so are both my boys).
2. Born on April Fool's Day- no joke!
3. Once ate 72 peeps at a crop- talk about a sugar high!
4. Love Dopey the Dwarf and Phantom of the Opera.
5. Once ate and entire Grande meal from Taco Bell on a dare- many years ago!

Scrapping/Card making facts about me:
1. I never can find my scissors, just ask my BFF Heather who I met through Cricut website and can testify to me eating all those peeps.
2. I ink everythnig- yes all elements must be inked, love my cat's eyes!
3. I tend to make more things for others than doing projects/scrapbooking for myself.
4. I am part of a new Design Team for Crafts 4 Eternity- come join us on challenges!
5. I am very active in the Cards for Soldiers project on Cricut website, I am the shipper for the Central time zone. Check out my new website Cricut Cards for Soldiers and join in on supporting our troops!

So without further ado, I would love for you to meet my new Sisters of group #27.

1. Mel
2. Gina M
3. Rita Ann
4. Altering Diva
5. Karine W
6. Sally
7. Bren (Brenda H)
8. Daisy Girl (Kelly)
9. Kelly Jo
10. Shelley
11. Janny
12. Candy B
13. Heather P
14. Littleted62 (Nicki)
15. Nerine P
16. Cheri Howard
17. Anna Sutherland
18. Julie Temple
19. Dorothy

Looking foward to getting to know you sisters better!



JavaMel said...

Hi Christy,
Welcome to SBS 27. I'm the group admin. My name is Melodie. We have a yahoogroup set up for SBS 27. If you will please email me at with your email address I will get an invite sent out to you.

Just a couple of sure to visit your sisters blogs and say hello, add the SBS 27 banner to a gadget on the sidebar of your blog so it will appear without being in a post (so it will show all the time) and please do the same with your sister's blogs. If you have any questions or need any help please let me know.

Littleted62 said...

Hi Christy, welcome and thanks for your lovely intro. You have some beautiful projects on your blog.


OMG, How did you get your back ground to open up for the 3 coloms? You have to tell me;) I will be waiting to hear back from you Gina

Heather P. said...

Hi Christy - Welcome to the group! :) Your cards are fantastic!

Bren said...


What a wonderful blog. I do not live to far from you I would need to do a search but probably a couple hours. I live in Wichita KS.

Don't forget to email Mel, and also once you join the yahoo group. There is a database so we can communicate by snail mail too. So please add your info to the database.

Julie Temple said...

Wonderful Blog! It is nice to 'meet' you!

SBS27 Hugs,

Karine said...

Great to meet you, Christy! Lovely blog! Looking forward to keeping in touch! Karine from SBS 27.

Cheri Howard said...

Welcome, welcome! I'm so happy you joined our group! I will be stalking (er, following) you now! =D

I loved "getting to know you" on this post and look forward to seeing what you create. I've had a quick look around, but will snoop a lot more when I get the time (read: weekends, mostly)!